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Safety Measures


REQUIREMENTS:  FOR THE SAFETY OF EVERYONE  (May change without notice based upon CDC and local health official guidelines)

  • Appointments are scheduled every 5 minutes.  Extended Sessions are available to up to 10 minutes.  The $60 5 minute sessions are only available on Saturday and Sundays.  All other sessions $90 to $250 are available Thursday-Sunday.

  • This could change dependent upon any new requirements we must follow.

  • All of our staff will also be taking proper measures to be safe.

  • The facility will have hand Sanitizer to be used upon entrance and we ask you keep hand contact to a minimum on all surfaces.

  • We also will be continuing our standard cleaning processes adopted thru the pandemic timeframe.  

  • We ask that any families with any hint of illness stay home.  We will be happy to reschedule and find a time suitable should you need to cancel due to illness.

We schedule appointments on-line and as of now,  walk-in appointments will be considered based upon activity in the studio.  As always  we will  try to accommodate everyone the best we can.  REMEMBER this -- This is a beautiful time of year and we are all ready for the spring and some normal activity.  We will do our best!


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