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Photo Package Options

Thursday, Friday, Saturday & Sunday  $60.00

Packages Include: $60 Credit toward a purchase of 2 poses either digitals or prints, the 5 minute session, and optional private digital only gallery.  Additional purchases and discounted packages are available too!  Digitals can be viewed, selected, purchased and downloaded directly from your private Gallery.  Your Prints will be viewed, selected, and printed onsite in our studio.  The private gallery is for digital images only.  

(Available only on-location)

Prints are on an 8x10 sheet with a choice of configuration of each sheet as follows: 1 full sized 8x10, or 2 5x7s; or 3 4x6s, or 4 4x5s, or 1 5x7 and 4 wallets, or 8 wallets.  As an example you can get 2 poses each printed as 2 5x7s which would give you a total of 4 5x7s for the $60 package.  When printing onsite you can take advantage of the buy 3 get one free option.



Extended Sessions  $120.00

Available by Selecting Extended Sessions when you make your appointment on-line.  These sessions are for those who may need additional time for infants, children with special needs or just need more time.

Packages Include: $120 credit towards the purchase of any products or images, the 10 minute session, and private gallery for digitals only.  ($120 package includes up to 6 images - digital or printed sheets.)

Also available at a small additional cost.

 "PERFECT PICTURE" Digital Composite Photo -  $30.00 additional (special price)



NEW - Water Color Retouched Image only an additional $60.00 (special price) with $120.00 Package Plus the Cost of a Custom Retouched Print - Starting at $95.00 for an 8X10 Print - $150.00 for 11X14 and $250.00 for a 16X20 Custom Lab Print. 














Accordian Mini Book - Three                                                                           Price $150.00 for Three

If you have 9 to 12 images that you really like we can make you a darling accordian mini book set with front and back cover and they are customized just for you.  It takes about 5 business days once the order is placed so ask us about them during your sessions so we can capture a few more images.  You get three of these little books for grandparents or gifts for others and they can become part of a collection.  We have samples in our Studio at WattersCreek.

TEST 3 WF - Silver Star Pictures-E6983 copy.jpg
Front and Back Covers of Book
Cover - Bunny Mini Book 2021 - FamilyLif
Back Cover - Bunny Mini Book II 2021 - F
Back of Book
Back - Bunny Mini Book 2021 - FamilyLife
Inside or Front of Book
Front - Bunny Mini Book 2021 - FamilyLif
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